Personalized Mirror display

Add your names and wedding date to our mirror display



custom Florals

Want colors that match your wedding theme? We’re on it!



Adt'l Service Hours

Need more time? We’re ready to party as long as you’d like


Up to 100 guests - $120/hr. Up to 175 guests - $150/hr. Up to 250 guests - $175/hr.


Not within the 15 mile radius? We will happily travel up to an hour to get to your location


 $2 per mile.

Hydration Station

We provide enough h2o to keep your guests refreshed all night. Water dispenser, cups, ice and unlimited water are included




coffee bar

Want a different kind of buzz? Get a caffeine boost with our self-serve coffee stand




Want something that isn’t on tap? We can whip up a signature drink to add to the menu. Mixers, garnishes, and ice are included.


$3.00 - $6.25/guest


Want to add a refreshing twist to the bar? We are happy to serve our lemonade all night as part of our bar/café services for an additional $3 per person, or set up a create-your-own lemonade station with DIY options for flavors for just $175

champagne floats

You bring the champagne; we bring the sherbet! Price based on guest count.


Ice cream drowned in coffee/espresso…need we say more??