Below you'll find answers to the most common questions we get when booking. Of course this is not a comprehensive list, so if you're still left wondering, please reach out to us as we'd love to answer any questions you may still have. 

What is included in the price?

A flat fee of $299 covers set up, tear down, and clean up. Services start at $120/hr and include 1-2 bartenders /baristas depending on expected guest count. White florals & greenery to decorate the camper are included, though custom florals to match your event are available starting at $175. We can also customize our "welcome to our beginning " mirror display with the couples' names and date for an additional $30.

What if we

need more

than two


Most events are fine with 1-2 bartenders/baristas. Depending on the number of guests, we can provide additional servers for an additional fee.

Can you decorate the camper to match our event?

White and green florals are included in the price, but if you’d like to add an extra pop of color to coordinate your event, we can do so for an additional fee. Floral arrangements are handmade, and will be picked to match as closely as possible to your desired color choice (though an EXACT match is not guaranteed). Prices vary based on amount of custom colors and current market prices. 

What type

of glasses do

you serve

beverages in?

White paper cups are used for coffee, and clear plastic wine cups/beer cups are included in the price. However, if you’d like us to serve in glass drink ware, we suggest contacting your caterer to provide additional glasses for our use. 

Are there any kid-friendly options?


We offer lemonade packages and hot chocolate can be added to our café packages

as well! 

Do you only

do weddings & bridal events?


No way! We are more than excited to accommodate any type of event. Birthdays, engagement parties, corporate events, sports parties, a party because it’s a Tuesday….anything you want to celebrate we would be happy to be a part!

Do you only serve beer and wine?


Our starting prices are based on serving beer and wine only. However, if you’d like cocktails, our mixologists are able to create a small menu of custom drinks for your event starting at an additional $3 per guest. 

Our venue

requires proof of insurance. Can

you provide



Yes. We have both general and liquor liability up to 1 million and would be happy to work with your venue in providing that information to them. 

Can you provide coffee and water  for the guests that don't drink?



Unless we are hired specifically for our coffee bar services, we recommend asking your caterer to brew an extra batch of coffee for cocktail hour. Basic brewed coffee and water are generally already included in the price of a catering service.

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